Leveraging the Way You Use Your Time

//Leveraging the Way You Use Your Time

Leveraging the Way You Use Your Time

For many years as I started each morning I dutifully opened each container of medication, removed the pill, recapped the containers and closed the medicine cabinet door. I have owned a two week medicine dispenser for about 3 years and only used it twice for some overseas business trips. It just seemed like a waste to use my time to fill up the dispenser every two weeks.

Recently I read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine. The Compound Effect chronicles how choices, behaviors and habits can create incredible results. Based on Darren’s advice I measured the total time it took me to complete my “normal” morning medication routine. The total time was about 2 minutes. (2min X 14 days = 28 total minutes for the two weeks).

So using a new, “experimental” routine it took about 4 minutes to fill the two week dispenser on day one. And, for each of day for in the two week period it took less than 5 seconds to complete the medications each day.

That’s 4 minutes on day one of the two week period + 5 X 13 seconds for 13 days about 1 minute (65 seconds for a total of 5 minutes for the two week period.

So 28 minutes (Routine 1) minus – 5 minutes (Routine 2 = 23 minutes

That means there is an average of 23 minutes of time freed up to sell every two weeks through the use of dispenser routine. On the surface that might not seem like much but, by using this new behavior (system) that’s 46 minutes a month or over 9 hours a year (about one business day) a year. JUST BY USING A NEW ROUTINE TO LEVERAGE YOUR TIME USE.

And, here’s another even more astonishing example of leveraging time use. It was taking about 4 hours every week to manage our bill pay using the old and traditional method of manual check writing and accounting. By signing up for online bill pay and digital accounting those 4 hours a week became 1 hour a week. In this example 3 hours per week were freed up that could be used for selling activity. That’s 12 hours a month or 12 business days a year.