Have You Done Your Homework

//Have You Done Your Homework

Have You Done Your Homework

Some of you may remember Lee Iacocca, the business leader who saved Chrysler Corporation in the late 70’s. Many of you may not have heard of him… well, now you have.

Iacocca was notorious for turning down interviews, but a determined reporter carefully crafted a letter requesting an audience knowing full well that his chances were slim. To his complete surprise, Iacocca accepted.

One of the first questions the reporter asked Mr. Iacocca was what compelled him to agree to his interview request when he rejected so many others. The difference, Mr. Iacocca’s replied, was that he had made it clear in his request that he would not be wasting time asking questions the reporter could have found the answers to on his own.

This same principle is true for prospecting.

You may actually irritate a prospect by asking questions that could have been answered by conducting some simple research. When you’ve done your homework, however, you’re likely to gain more credibility and favor with your prospect. If nothing else, they will certainly appreciate the fact that you haven’t wasted their time telling you things you could have found out with just a little bit of research. And you may even come up with that one piece of info that sets you apart and gets you in the door.

The bottom line – find out all you can on your own before you start asking questions. Here’s a couple of great places to look for ways to get started:



Want to find out more about Lee Iacocca? Do your homework! http://www.biography.com/people/lee-iacocca-9348614