Just Do It

Just Do It

A psychiatrist had been treating a man for depression and anxiety for some time. During a particularly stressful session the man offered information that created a breakthrough for the doctor and he remarked to the patient, “Vincent that is VERY helpful. Thanks for being so forthright. That insight creates a real possibility for an expeditious and long term restoration to your health.”

“How so Dr. Marvin”, remarked Vincent

“Well”, said Dr. Marvin, “You have honestly and clearly disclosed that your lifelong goal of becoming a physician has been thwarted, stifled and gone unfulfilled for most of your adult life. Your truthfulness and courage has revealed the main reason for your mental and emotional problems. Even more important is that a cure for your condition is quite plausible and in a very short period of time.”

What do you mean? said Vincent inquisitively.

“For goodness sakes, Vincent, catch up,” implored Dr. Marvin, “Go out there and become a physician!”

Vincent became angry and agitated. In a high pitched voice he almost wailed, “You don’t understand. It’s not that simple. It’s not that easy. I’m forty-four years old. It will take a year just to get accepted, then four years of med school, and another year of residency. That’s SIX YEARS. I’ll be 50 years old.”

Dr. Marvin knowingly and compassionately looked into Vincent’s eyes and said, “How old are you going to be in six years if you don’t go?”