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Measuring Up

Kate and Jim were high school sweethearts. They met in Home-Ec class, where Kate first learned to bake. One look at Kate and one bite of her homemade apple pie and Jim knew, he wanted to marry that girl. See, Jim loved pies, cakes, and cookies and Kate just loved to bake. Over the years, Kate [...]

Just Do It

A psychiatrist had been treating a man for depression and anxiety for some time. During a particularly stressful session the man offered information that created a breakthrough for the doctor and he remarked to the patient, “Vincent that is VERY helpful. Thanks for being so forthright. That insight creates a real possibility for an expeditious and [...]

The Streetlamp

Late one night a man was wandering around near a street lamp. Anxious and upset he circled under the lamp as if he were looking for something important. A “good Samaritan” happened to be walking by and, as good Samaritans are apt to do, he offered to help the troubled man. "What are you looking for?” [...]

Upping Your Game

I decided to hit a few balls one afternoon before playing a round of golf with a friend. We were travelling and had only one car, so my wife drove me to the course and decided to stay with me until my tee time came. While I was hitting with my 3-wood - and not particularly [...]

Have You Done Your Homework

Some of you may remember Lee Iacocca, the business leader who saved Chrysler Corporation in the late 70’s. Many of you may not have heard of him… well, now you have. Iacocca was notorious for turning down interviews, but a determined reporter carefully crafted a letter requesting an audience knowing full well that his chances were [...]