Measuring Up

//Measuring Up

Measuring Up

Kate and Jim were high school sweethearts. They met in Home-Ec class, where Kate first learned to bake. One look at Kate and one bite of her homemade apple pie and Jim knew, he wanted to marry that girl.

See, Jim loved pies, cakes, and cookies and Kate just loved to bake. Over the years, Kate would serve delicious homemade desserts to Jim and their friends. She had mastered soufflés, pastries, and tiramisu. She loved the attention she received for her creations.

One day though, Kate began to notice something strange. Her friends hadn’t commented on her baking for some time. Now, even Jim wouldn’t go back for a second helping. What had happened to her delectable desserts? She was a master at her art.

“That’s it!” she thought. “I must learn to make something new!” Baumkuchen… Baklava… Macarons and more… nothing worked. No one liked them. Frustrated, Kate poured out her heart to Jim. “I’ve bought recipes and watched tutorials, but I can’t figure out why no one likes my desserts anymore.”

Jim took her into the kitchen and suggested, “why don’t you show me exactly how you make my favorite homemade apple pie.”

He handed her the measuring cups.

“I don’t need those!” she exclaimed indignantly. “I’m a master baker!”

“When did you stop measuring ingredients?” Jim asked.

“Some time ago.” She said.

“Would you try it again, just this once, for me?” Jim asked with that puppy dog face, Kate couldn’t resist.

“If I must.” Kate said as she rolled her eyes.

When the pie had cooled, Kate served a piece to Jim. He took one bite and her eyes lit up. She knew that look.

“I’m going to need the rest of that pie.” Jim said, with a grin on his face.

“You know,” said Kate… “maybe even Master Bakers need to the practice the basics.”