TimeFit Workout Program

///TimeFit Workout Program

TimeFit Workout Program


Our TimeFit videos include:

  • Why Use a Calendar? – explore the advantages
  • Blocking Routines – daily routines take time – know how much and when
  • Blocking Uninterrupted Time – reduce distractions with dedicated blocks of time for checking and replying to emails & communications
  • How to Choose – make informed choices when deciding what is most important to do today!
  • Prioritizing your To-Do’s – a critical step to ensure you get your most important to-do’s completed


The TimeFit workout: it’s like calisthenics for your calendar!

The More Time More Sales TimeFit Workout Program is a quick 15 minute daily workout that whips your day into shape!

Get prepped by watching our 5 short videos that build the skills you need to handle your routines and activities more effectively.

The TimeFit Workout coaches you through planning your day with focus. Now you know that the important things are getting done. Nothing is slipping through the cracks. And, just like your physical workout, you become more efficient the more you do it!